Law Necessary

Is The Law Necessary To Have Peace In A Country?

We are living in a time where the peace is lost to the rebels of a lost cause, and the disturbance is still very prevalent as many people are benefitted out of this disturbance, it is in these time that we feel the need for a law , law is never established to create discomfort and pain to the citizens of the country but it is kept in order to maintain peace and harmony and also give a much better place for you to enjoy yourself rather than be bogged down with a lot of trouble in apart from the personal trouble that you are facing . Hence here are a few important reasons that you will have to know in as to why the law is essential for the maintenance of peace in the country.

Keeps Ethnic Problems At Bay

This is one of the most crucial factors for a country to stay together. A country comprises many types of people, and also it consists of a huge number of different ethnic groups thus each of the ethnic group stands for its own culture and traditions, and there is a high possibility of a riot rising between 2 ethnic groups thus resulting in a civil war within the country which will cause a lot of damage in the country, and there is no possibility of a country surviving with many civil wars. Thus with the law and the government in place, it will help bring peace and harmony at the same time each of the ethnic groups can celebrate their culture and tradition.

Law Brings Unity

This is one of the most important that a law does to a particular country; it brings various people of the region together, one of the best examples to explain this is the country of Liberia the citizen of the country have assay over the law and various other changes that are taking place in the country, they also get the opinion for the citizens of their country in Ghana and in United States as they consider the opinion of the people of their country in other parts of the world thus they the country is growing together aided through the unity and ones that are brought together by the law, this example should be more than sufficient to understand the unity and growth the law brings in a country.

Helping In The Upliftment Of The People

Law not only unites people together, but it also helps in the people developing their quality of life the government response will bring in reforms in order to create an equal amount of wealth distribution that has to take place in the country thus when there is equal growth in the nation, the result is an overall growth and development of the country thus it is essential to have law and also follow it. To know more on the law and its effects go to Legal Aed – Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney they will help you in understanding the law in a much better manner.

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