How to Win a Political Campaign

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Winning a political campaign is not easy. Contrary to what some people might think, it is not something that just happens. It is one thing that calls for careful planning and meticulously carrying out strategies. It also requires one to be very alert and responsive to any political situations that arise in the country.

There are several things that one requires to do in order to win a political campaign.

Plan carefully

It is very difficult to win an election if you don’t have a clear plan complete with all the strategies and the tactics that you require in order to execute the plan successfully. This means you need to organize your aims and objectives as well as the people you are going to work with. You need to have a clear focus of what you intend to do how exactly you are going to get it and the intended impact of the action. All issues related to the campaign must be organized in a way that they will be easily accessed and analyzed.

Seek support

Politics is all about people and without their support, there is no way you are going to win in democratic elections. The first thing you need to do is seek support of people close to you including family friends, neighbors surrounding community, political figures, business colleagues and so on. Make yourself accessible to them as separating yourself from them might make you lose their support. Make them know that you are counting on them for support.

Engage in door to door campaigns

Going from door to door is one of the most effective ways to make people feel that you are part of them and that you understand their problems. Always introduce yourself and sell your agenda during the visits rather than pretend it was just a courtesy call. In case you want to take pictures of yourself with the people for use elsewhere first request for permission from the people so that you don’t offend them. Schedule your neighborhood visits at a time when you know that most people will be at home. Avoid visiting at meal times so that you don’t inconvenience the hosts as this can be a bit irritating.

Make use of written materials

Campaign literature is very effective when it comes to creating identity among the voters. These include things like brochures, flyers, posters, postcards, calendars and so on. Other than using traditional print media you can also have online publications. Post well designed messages on websites, blogs and social networking sites.

Have enough funds

Political campaigns involve a lot of activities and all these need people and resources to carry out. This one requires enough money if one is to win a political campaign. One can solicit for funds from political associates, friends or even the general public.

Winning a political campaign is a hard task but it can be accomplished if well planned and carried out. No single person can carry out a political campaign all alone; it requires a combined effort from all people involved.

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November 8th, 2011 at 5:23 am

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How to Make a Career in Politics

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Politics has been labeled many names and even referred to by many as a ‘dirty game’, but the truth is that it is just what you make of it. You can either choose to grumble about it all day, or simply jump ship and join the big players in undoubtedly the most powerful industry there is. Who doesn’t admire the great politicians like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Theodore Roosevelt or even the current White House tenant, Barrack Obama? But just how does one get to the top in this challenging world?

Have the Passion

Anyone who has held political office will tell you that without the passion, you won’t go very far. The attractive pay packages and highly coveted power that comes with politics might look very enticing, but only to the outsider. The best driver you can have for a successful political career is the passion for it. How disgusted do you get whenever political decisions you deem inappropriate are passed? How interested and aware are you about both local and international political unfoldings. The best way to culture this passion is to first have an interest and closely follow the scene.

Do Your Research

Eating your own words is always a hard thing for politicians to do, since it is akin to taking political suicide. This is why you always need to conduct adequate research before you rush to raise opinions in matters of public interest. Before rushing to talk about the impact of the recent economic turmoil, make sure you know your way around Wall Street for instance. By giving intelligent opinions, the public will outrightly view you as their messiah.

Learn From the Veterans

Success in politics very much depends on how one can take full advantage of every wind of political opportunity. Take every minute with the seasoned senators and congressmen as it is a once in a lifetime learning session. They have been there before so they are in a position to tell you what to do and what not to do. It is always better to learn from someone else’s mistakes, especially in a world where second chances are hard to come by.

Embrace Teamwork

If you wish to travel far, even in politics, travel with others. Networking is a very important ingredient for a successful political career. If you make it to the Senate for instance, do your best to establish a good reputation among you fellow Senators. There isn’t a bigger boost in politics than having insiders behind your back the next time you will be running for higher office.

Watch Out!

Making friends in politics can be helpful. However, always do your best not to look so ambitious especially before potential opponents. Politics and friendship are strange bedfellows; those you play golf with might just be the ones plotting your downfall.

With the above guidelines, it shouldn’t be hard to make a success out of your political career. If you adhere to them, staying ahead of the pack won’t be difficult.

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How to Get a Job in Politics

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The wiser lot though have decided to make lemonade out of lemon by taking advantage of the many opportunities politics has to offer instead of grumbling about the trade. There is however a general misconception that the only opportunities available in politics are the senator and governor offices. The truth is that, the industry has so much to offer and bears lucrative returns, only if you know how to go about it.

Know Your Options

There are so many jobs in the political field that one can take up. The good thing with these jobs is that you do not need to worry about being re-elected and all that, as they are slightly more permanent compared to holding political office. They include working as a campaign operative, PAC manager, legislative staffer, personal assistant and party committee employee among many other jobs. Ones you know what your options are, it will be much easier to plan on how you can get there.


A good number of people working even as campaign secretariats have confessed that they never really thought they would end up in the trade. However, to improve your chances, you ought to plan in advance for such jobs. This includes determining the best party of candidate to work with. This way, you may be able to procure any professional training that may be required for the job you are interested in.

Build Your Network

Politics is more of a who you know game than what you know. To ensure you land a good job in politics, try to know as many players as possible in the industry. Politicians have a habit of seeking recommendations for each other so even if the Senator you know might not offer you a job, they may suggest you to a colleague or their party. This also includes other citizens with jobs in politics, as these may notify you of any ongoing recruitment.

Never Stagnate

A job in politics is similar to any other professional job. You should never resolve to stay too long with a specific organization, government agency or a consulting firm. If you intend to build a strong political career, try and keep moving up and forward to increase your experience. However, always ensure you are moving in the right direction, whether with the same employer or if need be, another one.

Set High Targets

Success will never come if you don’t dream it in the first place, and the story is no different in politics. Many political stalwarts don’t get there by sheer accident, but careful planning and strategies. Do not make the mistake of many timid political operatives who are only satisfied with what they have. Think big and do whatever it takes to achieve your ambitions.


Needless to say, you can hardly get a good job in politics if you haven’t the slightest clue about politics. Do your best to stay abreast with all the current and past political landmarks, as you never know when the information will come in handy.

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How to Become a Senator

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Not just anyone is qualified to become a senator. According to the US constitution, there are certain requirements that are laid down for one to become a senator. In addition, after an individual ascertains that he or she will meet the requirements, the individual must win an election. Read on to learn the ways of becoming a senator in a particular state.

Establishing a Campaign Committee

If you are wiling to become a senator, you are supposed to make some establishments based on a campaign committee as well as a campaign manager who will be handling your fundraising, public relations as well as advertising. This is very imperative as you cannot be able to carry out all these activities solely. While this is the case, make sure that the committee you select is reliable and effective so as not to let you down in any way in your effort to becoming a senator.

Checking Official State Guide

To become a senator, you are supposed to visit the office in order to obtain an official guide to your state’s necessities. This is simply because there are some states that have a board of elections that you will be required to refer to for this information. When doing your referral, make sure you fully understand all the information provided and feel free to ask for any clarification where you do not fully understand.

Payment of a Filling Fee

You will be required to pay a certain filling fee, which also varies, depending on the state you are in. For instance, you may discover that there are some states that have the option of accumulating and submitting signatures through the use of a certain date as a way of waving the filling fee. Make sure that the payment is fully done before you can proceed to your next step.

Visiting the County Elections Office

To become a senator, you are supposed to make visitation to the county elections office in order to get and at the same time complete all the nomination credentials inclusive of a requirement of forty and sixty nomination signatures. Mind you, the nomination signatures must all be from all those registered voters from the same political party as the prospective candidate.

Filling the Documents

At this stage, you are supposed to get and fill in the proper documents in order to report on the campaign finances. In addition, when filling the documents, you are supposed to disclose all your personal finances for any further clarifications that are required. Remember, the information is supposed to be top notch as this will give you a straight entry in becoming a senator. In most cases, you will get the official voting results from the same particular office that you carried out your registration for candidacy. In most cases, the office is usually occupied by the state’s secretary.


A senator is supposed to serve a six-year term in Congress. A senator has many responsibilities such as, but not limited to, drafting federal laws, confirmation of presidential nominations, impeaching seating presidents- if need be, ratification of treaties as well as voting on federal laws.

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How to Become a Political Advisor

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A political advisor is respected due to his influence on those in power but very few people understand what they do leave alone how to become one. All people know is that they are very powerful people and have a huge influence on the political decisions and policies that will be made. Climbing ranks to become a political advisor is not easy at all, as one will have to deal with a lot of pressure and people with big egos.

There are several ways to become a political advisor.

Get a university degree

Not that it is officially written anywhere but almost all effective political advisors have a degree. There is no specific degree for being a political advisor but some degrees are more common with political advisors than others. The most common degrees include law, communications, political science and business. Most political advisors even have postgraduate qualifications like masters’ degrees and postgraduate diplomas.

Be active in politics

Most politicians who need to hire political advisors will be more comfortable with people who have engaged in politics at one time or another. This could as a candidate in mainstream politics or in support level of politics. To become a political advisor volunteer for campaigns, be part of special interest groups and strive to always gain as much knowledge about the electoral process as you possibly can. This will help you interpret political events and incidences more accurately and come up with workable advice for the politician or the political party you are working for. The earlier you join the politics the easier you will be able to grasp the electoral process and the inner workings of the political parties. Above all, anyone intending to become a political advisor has to remain informed at all times.

Specialize in one area

Not many people know it but there are even political advisors to companies. What most people know of are political advisors to elected officials. Choose what parts of being a political advisor you want too specialize in. You can choose an aspect like polling process, community relations or even areas like taxation. This way you will be more knowledgeable hence more valuable to those you are advising.

Gain some experience first

It is quite difficult for anyone to take you in as a political advisor if you have never held a similar position anywhere else. Therefore, to be a political advisor, you have to acquire some experience first. You ca easily get this from being a political analyst for corporations, being a member of a pressure group or working as a political aide to a politician.

Learn related skills

A political advisor requires other important skills like public speaking, research skills, and good leadership skills. Above all, he requires stress management skills to help him cope with the stressing job.
Being a political advisor requires one to keen so as to be able to notice any changes in the political scene and how it impacts on the politics of the country. The more informed the more likely he will make an accurate interpretation hence a good political advisor.