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This magazine looks at various social topics that are concerning people all over the world today. We try to give you a glimpse of the social situation through interviews. The contents of this magazine are written in a very clear tone. We try to put forward the actual social condition rather than hiding stuff. The magazine is full of images, making the message of our articles stronger.

You will find articles on different social topics here. These include topics like the environmental effect of cutting trees, treating the social workers well, building a new school in Africa to help children in need, etc. This blog is not only for the general readers but also for social work professionals. They will be able to learn many new concepts and social issues to help them provide better service to people.


The upcoming social issues are discussed in this magazine. We have guest posts from experts in the field who explain various social issues in simple language. There are lots of ways to communicate with the experts in the social sector. You can write in the comments section below each article or post your question on the forum. To learn more about social issues and related topics, subscribe to our magazine today!