Top 4 issues about modern feminism


Women are fighting for the gender equality for ages now. They have fought for equal places in education, work, decision-making ability, etc. This modern age has seen a new wave of thoughts on feminism. These are the five issues that concern modern feminism.

Division of domestic works

img-7Some past feminists have succeeded in pulling women out of the kitchen and into the workplace. But the study shows that 80% women still do more household works than their male partners.  Women who have dependent children do even more household chores. The question is not about asking men to do an equal share of the household work. It is about changing the social perspective of women choosing to be at home instead of working. This choice deserves social recognition instead of criticism of not doing anything worthwhile with their lives. Still, many women cannot make a choice between the two due to financial and social issues. Things like equal pay, subsidized childcare, improved provisions for paternity leave, etc. might improve the situation.

The media

img-8The media is portraying women the wrong way. The various TV commercial showcasing women in a particular way are having adverse effects on the next generation. A study has shown that 70% of girls under the age of 7 say that they want to be thinner when they grow up. Ads are constantly highlighting women’s body. Some campaigns working against these media are gaining ground now. Organizations like MediaSmart, AnyBody, etc. are fighting for these issues.

Social inequality

img-9The fact that majority of the carers are women, lesbian are experiencing higher levels of discrimination than gay men, etc. are indications of social inequality. Issues like race, sexual orientation, gender, etc. together create a disadvantage for the female group.

Violence against women

img-10Many societies don’t recognize rape within marriage as a criminal offense. Still, the majority of the victims of domestic violence are women. Women are disproportionately targeted for violence. Some organizations like Women’s Aid are working for these issues.

Not only women but men should also come forward to fight for these issues. In fact, many men are now supporting feminism. Still, it’s going to be a long journey.

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