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4 signs that indicate technology addiction is similar to drug cravings


According to a recent study, withdrawal symptoms of young people deprived of using electronic gadgets is found to be similar to that felt by the drug addicts. Here are four indications that support this concept.

• If the young people abstain from using gadgets for an entire day, they will have significant physical and mental problems, such as panic, physical distress, confusion, the feeling of isolation, etc.

• The majority of the people won’t be able to give up usage of these devices voluntarily. It will affect their life style and well being significantly. If withdrawn forcefully, they will experience depression, anxiety attacks and cravings, just like in the case of drugs.

• These electronic gadgets are affecting people’s relationships. They are meeting new people on the social networks every day. They share photos and posts with friends. They enjoy seeing more likes on their posts. There is more chance that young people get involved with other people emotionally through social media despite having a partner.

• People are spending the majority of their time in front of the screens, so distance is being created with family and friends. Weak bonds are formed as in-person conversation rarely takes place. Relationships between people were deeper in the days when there were no electronic gadgets.

All these outcomes of overuse of electronic devices are very similar to those of drug addicts. We should discourage the young generation to used technology with a limit. Overuse of technology also affects health. The video up top is a prime example of how technology can interfere with family culture and exemplifies a growing concern in modern society.