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April 2017

A Legal Commercial Gone Wild in California

The Reeves Law Group asked:

The Sacramento bus crash in October has claimed its 10th victim with the death of a 51-year-old woman who died on Tuesday. Mourned by a large family including 15 children and stepchildren, Pia Xiong was given a traditional Hmong funeral.

The bus accident that took place on the 5th of October, occurred when the bus carrying a total of 42 passengers overturned, and fell into a watery ditch north of Sacramento. The bus was on its way to the Colusa Valley Casino resort with its mostly elderly passengers on board. Investigations are still underway into the causes of the bus accident, and so far no charges have been filed in the investigation. The driver, Quintin Watts, was sent back to jail in November for violating his parole conditions, and traveling more than 50 miles without first informing the parole officer in charge of his case.

The driver of the bus was initially the center of most of the investigations into the bus crash. There was plenty of intrigue to go around in the initial days of the investigation when it was first revealed that the bus owner Daniel Cobb had himself died in the bus accident. Then news reports revealed that Watts that has had a history of run-ins with the law, and had reportedly not even been trained properly as a driver because of the best car accident attorney in Elk Grove. The day of the accident, Watts’ distraught mother claimed, was the first day that her son had actually been driving the bus after the training. The “training” period involved a week of him accompanying another driver around, and observing him.

Watts’ criminal record was another cause for concern. What was a man with a criminal record involving jail time for credit card fraud, theft, and drug possession doing behind the wheel of a bus? Even his parents apparently didn’t have confidence in his ability to steer a vehicle full of passengers.

Besides Watts’ criminal record, much attention has been focused on the bus in question. Investigators encountered closed doors every time they tried to pinpoint ownership of the bus. Bus companies sometimes use a complicated network of deceit, registering the bus under different names or in different states to confound investigations in the event of a bus accident, and evade liability. California bus accident lawyers have seen that happen in more than one bus accident, and it was no different here.

For the families of the 10 people who have died in the bus accident so far, and the others who suffered catastrophic injuries when their bus overturned on a dark night, the fact that there have been no charges, and little progress made in investigations, must be extremely disheartening. These passengers were senior citizens who had a habit of taking a trip to a nearby casino regularly for a fun weekend. They didn’t deserve to be at the mercy of a driver who had a criminal record, and a bus company that didn’t even see fit to maintain proper records of its operations. Everything about this accident points to profits taking precedence over passenger safety, and people must be held accountable for it.

Elena Monroe

Top 3 Massage Chair Reviews 2017

Choosing the perfect massage chair can be a hectic job. To assist your shopping, we have listed down the top 3 massage chair review 2017. We want you to have a great massage experience at the day end so you can wear off all the stress of the body.

  1. Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heat and Long Rail 161

    In comparison to other massage chairs in the market, this one covers the most area. It massages all sides of the body giving an exceptional massage for neck, waist, hips, back, shoulders and thighs. There are massage programs which relax, extend, recover and refresh you from all the routine pressure. OPTO sensor locates the shoulders and focuses on the pressure points to relieve stress. It also improves blood circulation with the help of roller scraping for feet. You can get rid of a stiff waist and backache with the help of a specialized heater in the chair. It may take a little space, but the experience is worth it. The leather seat is easy to clean with a wet cloth.



2. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C

Shiatsu is the most preferable and renowned massage therapy. This massage chair is based on shiatsu massage technique. There are power rollers in the chair that relax the muscles and reduce the fatigue from different parts of the body. The compressions and percussions improve the mobility and posture of legs, relieving all the pain and stress. It has more than 30 airbags with built-in heat roller system that are easy to control with the minimally complex control panel. The chair is flexible to adjust to all body shapes. Remember, when the back of the chair will shape according to your back, it will massages on the focal points. There is also a neck massage feature added in the chair that relieves pressure from the neck and shoulders. It has an extensive range of motion that allows the roller heads to reach the tailbone area. It massages through rolling motion, kneading and shiatsu. This massage chair has the quality to rejuvenate the body and mind.


3. Best massage Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This is a massage chair with a sleek and compact design that came to fame from this massage chair advertisement. It is shaped like the business class seat of an airplane, with a leather cover. It massages the surface of your skin by tapping and kneading to release all the stress and recover the natural flexibility of the body. The controls are installed on the arm of the chair so that you can adjust the movement according to your desire. This chair has the capability to withstand weight up to 90kg. There is also a slot for your phone, so you can connect it to the massage chair and enjoy music through Bluetooth connectivity. It is said that soothing music tones are always helpful in getting a refreshing massage. The compact design of the chair will not take a lot of space in your bedroom or the living room.




We hope these reviews will be of great help for you and facilitate you in buying a preferable massage chair.

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